Who Counsels in the Council?

What I am about to write will probably sound petty and petulant to many. Oh, well.

That is why this blog is anonymous. It is my space to be perfectly honest and give even my knee-jerk reactions, even those which I may take back later or regret. For example, this particular knee-jerk reaction concerns papers that will be published. I have no idea what they actually say, because they have not been published yet and, thus, I have not read them. They may say wondrous and glorious things that make my heart rejoice aloud. But, I worry they will not. This is a space for my worry to be expressed. I am glad I have this space.

The papers:

The blog By Common Consent just put up an interesting post about The Council of Fifty. I am thrilled, absolutely thrilled that nonmembers were included on this council, and were expected to continue on this council. Really. I cannot tell you how important I feel that was and is and, frankly, I am a little impressed, considering the time period.

Were women?

Is there room for women in future manifestations of this council?

Or is their voice supposed to be expressed only through their spouses, fathers, brothers, cousins, and friends? Are their concerns, ideas, insights, and inspirations transmitted only through intermediaries?

Because, if so, I don’t find that to be a very well counseled council.

Even if it is directed by God. I assume God the Mother has a voice in the Heavenly Councils?

I am so tired, so tired of feeling shut down.

Speak. Counsel together. Hear what we have to say.

Let us speak.

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