Heavenly Mother? Mother Earth? Mother, Who Art Thou?

I just read an interesting post on Feminist Mormon Housewives. The author described the ritual she has planned for connecting with God the Mother.

The very first comment (by Phil) was, “Goddess worship, anyone?” Author Kimberly replied, “It beats ignoring her, Phil, when I know she exists. . . ”

I am glad she wrote this post. I am actually glad the first two comments comprised this exchange. I am glad because the exchange highlights the problem.

Her post has some historically-pagan-sounding characteristics to it. I am just summarizing it for those who do not wish to read the original post, not judging her choices at all. Phil pointed that out. Kimberly explained herself–perfectly.

We know we have a Heavenly Mother. Not only do we feel that to be true in our innermost souls and not only is it logical, but our very doctrine teaches it. But, our official doctrine only teaches it openly in one line of one hymn. Otherwise, it is acknowledged but hardly ever spoken of in orthodox company.

Without direction, without general revelation, we will fill in the gaps. It is human nature. The Greeks did it. They knew there was greater power than themselves, and they created the stories of their gods. At least they had a more equal distribution of their gods. After the death of Christ and the apostles, people still knew that Christ lived and that he was the Savior. They still sought him and the Father. They filled in the gaps, and we ended up with many, many denominations, much conflict, sometimes hate (how could that happen?), and even, sometimes, bloodshed (oh, sorrows!).

Women and men know She is there. Women, especially, yearn to know about her and to acknowledge her as the Queen of Heaven and Earth that she is. We have been silenced too long. We will fill in the gaps. Sadly, without direction, without revelation, history will likely repeat itself. There will be division, derision, and differences. But, we will do our best.

One answer is for each of us to seek individual revelation. That is never wrong. That will definitely lead us closer to Her and Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Ghost, and improve our spiritual journey. It takes work. It takes a lot of work consistently to seek through the unknown so steadfastly. We may stumble along the way. One problem is that it is generally understood that we, individually, do not receive revelation for a broad general audience (this is not, at all, a negative hint at Kimberly’s post–she is simply sharing how she is reaching out to Mother, never prescribing her personal methods to anyone else and never assuming any authority to do so).

But, can we ask, as a church, together, men and women, to know more of our Mother? This would not lift the desirability to seek after Her personally, nor would it in any way supplant or diminish what we know of our Father, Christ, or the Holy Ghost currently. But, isn’t searching with some light to guide our way desirable, good, and righteous?

I don’t have rituals or observances or practices, yet.

I don’t know Her well, yet. I would like to. I really need to. I need both of my Heavenly Parents, the Savior, and the Comforter in my life.

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5 Responses to Heavenly Mother? Mother Earth? Mother, Who Art Thou?

  1. leeziebarth says:

    I get it, I’m a man, but don’t let that get in the way of my words having relevance on this topic.

    I think it is very natural and desirable to know more of our Mother in Heaven. My kids never talk about going to grandpa’s house, it’s grandMA’s house. 😉 The relationship children have with their mother is special and may be a closer type of relationship than we have with our fathers.

    But this should only make us realize how great it will be when we see Her face again. (President Benson said the thing that will surprise us most when we get to the other side is how familiar our Father’s face is to us…obviously the same will be true for Mother as well).

    Yet for now, we don’t know Her. But we DO know OF Her! How blessed we are among all the people of the world to even have the knowledge of our Mother. (In fact, maybe our time should be spent more with proclaiming the gospel – which includes the truth about our heavenly Parents – then wasting it on selfish speculation).

    I have thought of Her a lot in my life – I think a mother-son relationship is also very special – and I have longed for the day I can meet Her. I imagine Her in queenly robes, with the majestic, celestial countenance we know she radiates. She must be the epitome of beauty, grace, and splendor. To hear her voice must be like the calming flow of a summer stream. And her touch; how gentle and divine will it be to have her hold me close and whisper she loves me in my ear. I mean, really, can we even begin to imagine? AND we KNOW that this will one day be if we are faithful and true, and merit this affection.

    But for now, I have thought of this life to somewhat like a priesthood meeting, a sacrament meeting for example. Just like the Bishop presides and directs the affairs of that meeting, so is it with this life. The Godhead, the perfect priesthood Council, presides and directs the affairs of this life. Is the Bishop married? Of course. Is she wonderful and does she have many qualities that make us want to know her and be around her? Yep. But Sacrament Meeting has been designated as a priesthood directed meeting and the bishop’s wife does not have any interaction with the congregation in that meeting.

    And so it is with this life. The prophet (as seen in the President Hinckley reference below) has expressly said that it is inappropriate to pray to Heavenly Mother. And I am sure that if we reject that counsel and mock the purpose of personal revelation, setting ourselves up to be deceived, to come up with rituals, observances, or practices that are in opposition to the counsel of our prophet, we will greatly risk our opportunity for any relationship with our regal and honorable Mother in the next life. We know she honors her Husband and His laws and His plan (which is likely Her laws and plan as well). So must we, if we expect to have her “mutual approbation” when we see her again.

    I invite you to improve your prayers with Heavenly Father. For in that practice have I found the most divine and lasting peace, through all of my life’s stormy seas.

    Your friend and brother, Lee.

    Here is the talk by President Hinckley: http://www.lds.org/ensign/1991/11/daughters-of-god Here are some great references to official doctrine on Heavenly Mother: http://www.lds.org/search?q=%22heavenly+mother%22&lang=eng&domains=

    • I won’t respond to most of what you said. Your comment contains your thoughts on the subject, and you are entitled to them.

      However, to give you the benefit of the doubt, I will assume that you read neither my initial post nor the “This Blog” page. No problem. When you happen to click on a public post, you are not expected to do further background reading. So, allow me to assure you that you do not know me. This blog was created for one purpose only–to allow me to write (because that is how I think) and explore questions I have, because I have no other place to honestly and openly do that, outside of prayer. These posts are one area in which I seek further knowledge. (More on that at the end of this comment.)

      So, when you say, “(In fact, maybe our time should be spent more with proclaiming the gospel – which includes the truth about our heavenly Parents – then wasting it on selfish speculation),” allow me to assure you that you do not know me.

      When you write, “I invite you to improve your prayers with Heavenly Father,” let me assure you that you do not know me, what my prayer practices are, or the nature of my relationship with my Heavenly Father.

      I read a post. I had thoughts about it. I wrote about those thoughts.

      Which brings me to the concept that this blog is dedicated to my seeking for more understanding and more knowledge. We are admonished over and over in the scriptures and in church to seek, to ask questions. But, sometimes, I think church members think this means we should only ask pre-approved questions: Should I accept this calling? Is President Monson the current prophet? Should I take this job? Should I ask/accept the proposal of this person in marriage? Is the Word of Wisdom a true principle? Is it time for all worthy males to receive the priesthood? Is the Book of Mormon true? Is the Bible true? Is Christ the Savior of the world? Some of these questions have basically predetermined answers (according to accepted doctrine), and we are basically asking for our own witness and testimony (which are important). Others do not have predetermined answers (job, potential spouse, etc.) Then, there are others: Do you love me? Do I really have a Heavenly Mother? Does she love me?

      Never, in my life, have I heard the act of genuine supplication to our Heavenly Father seeking for more knowledge and more understanding in the appropriate time according to His wisdom (but, we have been taught, knowledge will not be given without asking for it) referred to as “mock[ing] the purpose of personal revelation.”


      I seek wisdom. I will always seek wisdom.

  2. leeziebarth says:

    I’d like to thoughtfully respond but can’t right now. But my desire was not to offend. Will get back…

  3. leeziebarth says:

    I think I may have miscalculated your intentions. All my best.

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