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I originally published the first post (currently the only post) on this blog privately. But, I am becoming increasingly frustrated with being silent, especially when I read judgmental comments on other sites/forums. So, even though my name is not attached to this blog, it will be a place for me to start to speak.

I probably won’t post a lot, though. After all, the great thing about verbal friendly discussions is that they are a way to develop ideas. Once I put something in writing, it is seen less as the brainstorming and pondering on an idea and regarded more as a statement made with purpose. As noted in my first post, what I actually want is friendly real-life in-person small-group discussions. This is not that.

But, it is something.

I will moderate comments. There can be different viewpoints. There cannot be judgment, condemnation, or mean spiritedness.

Because we are all sisters and brothers.

Terms: Heavenly Father, Heavenly Mother, God

One quick note. Over time, I have developed a way of thinking and I have chosen to use certain terms in ways particular to and reflective of that way of thinking. The terms will be used that way in these posts.

Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother: As used separately and individually, self-explanatory.

Savior/Jesus Christ/Son of God: Also, self-explanatory.

God: I use this term to represent my Heavenly Parents (Father and Mother) working equally and in concert with each other.


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